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Datasoft Networks is the only authorized resellers of iTel Switch and iTel Dialers.

iTel Switch Plus

iTel Switch Plus is a carrier grade softswitch with an integrated billing solution and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system.

iTel Dialer

iTel Mobile Dialer Express is a mobile application, which allows users to make VoIP calls from mobile phones.

iTel Switch

Mobile Top Up

Mobile Top Up (MTU) is a feature that enables you with international 'Mobile Top Up' facility. Now you can recharge any mobile number from any location using the same PIN which you use for other call origination devices (PC2Phone, Mobile Dialer, Callback Dialer etc.). This feature is available in iTel Switch Plus.

Enable your customers with ability to gift 'Mobile Top Up' anywhere in the world

With enhanced iTel Switch Plus, now you can offer your end customers' mobile recharge gifting facility- a unique service which enables mobile users to gift 'Mobile Top Up' to their beloved ones'.

Benefits for the end users

The end users get the ease to recharge a mobile number of any mobile operator in the world with the same PIN which they use for VoIP calling. End users can use this service as a gifting facility, whereby a small amount in form of the 'Mobile Top Up', can be gifted (micro-gifting) to friends, family and people etc.

Bringing the Power of mCommerce to IP Networks

Now recharge any mobile from any location using same PIN-only on iTel Switch Plus, and Enable your customers with the ability to gift 'Mobile Top Up' anywhere in the world.

How does it work?

Mobile Top Up' on iTel Switch Plus has enabled m-commerce on IP Networks and is first of its kind initiative in the VoIP industry. On the backend, mobile VoIP service providers, who are using iTel Switch Plus, can now offer 'Mobile Top Up' to their end customers. To offer 'Mobile Top Up', the VoIP service providers must have tied up with mobile recharge service providers..

Recharge any mobile from any location using same PIN

There are multiple softswitches available in the industry offering 'Mobile Top Up' but the main point is that you are required to use multiple PINs to perform multiple tasks for example- one PIN for 'Mobile Top Up' another for mobile dialer recharge. MTU on iTel Switch Plus allows you to recharge any mobile phone from anywhere, using the same PIN.

Benefits for the Service Provider

The VoIP Service providers can offer their customers quick and easy recharge services for all mobile operators in the world. It is a source of additional revenue for them. However, for some VoIP service providers, it can also be the main revenue stream. iTel Switch Plus allows VoIP service providers to offer 'Mobile Top Up' to their customers as a gifting facility. 'Mobile Top Up' on iTel Switch Plus is certainly a way to capture additional business for VoIP service providers.

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