Datasoft Networks

Datasoft Networks is the only authorized resellers of iTel Switch and iTel Dialers.

iTel Switch Plus

iTel Switch Plus is a carrier grade softswitch with an integrated billing solution and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system.

iTel Dialer

iTel Mobile Dialer Express is a mobile application, which allows users to make VoIP calls from mobile phones.

iTel Switch

Multi Layered Secured Access Control

Tel Switch Plus is powered with two levels of protection- primary and secondary. The primary protection is an IP and Password based authentication that restricts any kind of unauthorized IP access. On the other hand the secondary layer protection is the use of the iTel Security device. It is an electronic device, which generates a One Time Password (OTP) or security code, required to be entered, at the time of logging in to iTel Switch Plus. This OTP provides a secondary layer authentication, post the standard user name and password combination.

Create N' level of resellers

Generally, most softswitch allows two or three levels of reseller's creation. iTel Switch Plus on the other hand gives you the flexibility to create 'N' level of VoIP reseller at any level. Being a softswitch owner, you can also assign your VoIP reseller different roles and rights as per requirement. So any reseller can create unlimited levels of resellers under him.

Runs behind NAT or on private IP

In association with iTel Byte Saver (REVE's proprietary technology), iTel Switch Plus can work behind NAT (Network Address Translation) or private IP. So VoIP service providers now can make sure that their service is available in blocked or firewalled networks.

Offer instant call connectivity to your end user

iTel Switch Plus is the fastest softswitch in the world and allows instant connectivity on VoIP calls. This helps you to offer better call quality to your end users, which can potentially increase your calling minutes phenomenally, thereby helping you to get ahead of your competitors.

Single PIN for all call origination devices

Unlike ordinary softswitch in the market, iTel Switch Plus allows you to use a single PIN for all call origination devices. You can use the same PIN for recharge, mobile top-up or even for voice calls. Now one doesn't need to go through the tension of keeping different PINs for different devices.

Never Go Negative (NGN)

With iTel Switch Plus, now you can ensure that your softswitch account balance never turns negative. NGN is a next generation billing feature that intelligently prevents user account balance from going negative. This feature of this SIP softswitch is specially developed in order to prevent the losses incurred by many resellers. In ordinary softswitch, when the main account balance is finished but the call traffic is still live then, it causes a negative balance on softswitch. iTel Switch Plus intelligently monitors all running calls and when account balance is extremely low, it checks and allows a call only if there is enough balance to continue the call.

Call back

iTel Switch Plus supports call back service. With this feature, VoIP softswitch service providers can now offer call back or calling card service to their end customers. Presently, the softswitch supports ANI call back and in due course, SMS call back and other call back services will be added.

Offer PIN-to-PIN balance transfer to your end-usersl

iTel Switch Plus makes it possible for end users to transfer balances from their account to others under the same reseller. The facility is user-friendly and does not require the involvement of the reseller in the process. The transferor can transfer the whole or part of their balance to any other PIN and this transaction can be done any number of times, without any limitation and subject to availability of balance in the PIN.

PIN to PIN calling & Supports IVR in multiple languages

iTel Switch Plus allows service providers to handle PIN-to-PIN incoming calls and also facilitates peer-to-peer calling among resellers.iTel Switch Plus supports IVR (Interactive Voice Response) in multiple languages such as English, Bangla, French, Spanish, Turkish, Arabic etc.

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